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Hiroshi Kimura, Ph.D.

Brief biography
-1996 Ph.D. (Science) at Hokkaido University.
-1996 Postdoctoral fellow, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University.
-2002 Associate professor, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
-2003 Principal Investigator, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine.
-2007 Associate professor, Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience, Osaka University.
-2014 Professor, Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnolgy, Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Yuko Sato, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


Hidenori Nishihara, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

I'm working on vertebrate phylogeny, genome evolution, and genomic diversity resulting from transposable elements. Also, I explore the genomic regions that contributed to the evolution of mammalian-specific traits.


Takeshi Shimi, Ph.D.
Specially Appointed Associate Professor in World Research Hub Initiative (WRHI)


Haruka Oda, Ph.D.
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor


Marinela Perpelescu, Ph.D.
Post Doc

Here I am expanding my knowledge from centromere epigenetics to a Fabulous epigenetics.


Yohei Kono
Post Doc

I have an ambition for the translational research between regenerative medicine and basic science.


Misako Tanaka
Ph.D. student


Yang Liu
Ph.D. student

I am here to make my crazy dream come true.


Masaru Nakao
Ph.D. student


Takashi Imada
Ph.D. student

Let's dance with hot histones together!!?


Watanya Trakarnphornsombat (Fern)
Ph.D. student

I am new to the field of live cell imaging and epigenetics, but I promise that I will try my very best.


Satoshi Uchino
Ph.D. student


Naoki Goto
Ph.D. student

I'm interested in chromatin structural changes and their significance during cell differentiation.


Ngoc Nguyen (Jade)
Graduate student

A sushi eater, onsen enjoyer, hiking lover, and lifelong learner


Arisa Aizawa
Graduate student


Maoko Takenoshita
Graduate student

I am investigating kinetics of histone modification in germ cells and transcriptional regulation in living human cells.


Arata Komatsubara
Graduate student


Shohei Oka
Graduate student

I joined in April 2020. There are still some things I don't understand, but I will do my best. I'm looking forward to working with you.


Brandon Lieberman
Graduate student

Hello, I am here investigating histone modifications and their implications in Colorectal Cancer. I also like photography, hiking, and of course science!.


Lê Minh Khoa
Undergraduate student

Let’s do science in a fun, cool and sexy way! ^_^


Tae Kuramoto


Harumi Ueno
Technical staff


Erina Kamiya
Technical staff


Chizu Hideshima


Miaki Nakashio
Technical Staff

I joined in October 2015.
I appreciate your continued support.

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